Stamp or War?!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!! : Club Penguin has fixed some of the penguin’s stamp issues, while leaving other devastated. Will Club Penguin Management fix ALL the problems?


Today, February 2, is the day that club penguin members have noticed several disappearances of there stamps! They have gone MAD out there!  There are Stamp Wars at the iceberg, at the town, at the EPF Meeting Room, basically EVERYWHERE. Below is a snap shot I have taken to show the crowded protesters.

Will the Club Penguin Management Team solve this chaotic problem? Or will 1,000’s of penguin lose their hard earned stamps forever?

What do you think about this outraging mix up? Leave a comment below expressing your thoughts.


January 28th – New Beginnings!

Once again, the management system of club penguin has made Club Penguin, well, more awesome! First of all, there is a new wilderness expedition. Start out at the dock and then follow the big grey arrow sign. Then you can pick up a FREE explorer hat! And then off you go on your challenge. Basically all you do is follow the nuts and bolts near the paths.To complete the maze, first go right, then north, then right, then south, then left, then south, then right again. If you go through the wilderness correctly, then you will go to a clearing with a crazy machine.

Follow these steps to correctly work the machine :

1. Plug in in the machine in the outlet.
2. Click on the coffee machine.
3. Click on the small two green buttons on the coffee machine.
4. Click on the coffee cup when it’s filled.
5. Continue pressing the highlighted buttons.
6. Pull the pink lever then the blue lever.
7. Click on the water valve.
8. Pull down the small rope.
9. Place the Hot Sauce in.
10. Add the water
11. Click on the vent near the fan.
12. Click on the toaster
13. Throw snowballs at the target
14. Walk to the barrel

Now you are at the shore. You can get a life jacket for only 50 coins. Then you build up your boat, with the given instructions. The boat will take you to a cave.

Waddle to the cave. At the top left corner in the cave, there is a note. Click on it, and you have the chance to adopt a FREE Brown Puffle! You also have a change to get a FREE Brown dog house.

If you missed this special event and still want a brown puffle, they will be available at the pet shop in February.

Rockhopper Tracker!

Rockhopper Tracker

Aunt Arctic Tracker!

Aunt Arctic Tracker

Gary The Scientist Tracker!

Gary Tracker

Penguin Band Tracker!

Penguin Band Tracker