Puffle Clothes!

It’s February 4th, Friday. It’s ALSO a new month, which means new things happening! For now, all that has happened, is the new clothing catalog has came out!

This month’s clothing catalog theme is Puffle Lovers!

Stay tuned for more news! =]


Hello There!

Hey everybody! This is the first post on the Super Secret Club Penguin Guide! Here on this guide you will find:

  • Helpful Guides (For example: How to find a key to a new secret room)
  • Where the pin of the week is located!
  • How to get fast coins.
  • Any many more!!!

So you guys check us out every day, and I will keep you posted! Comment down below if you want to see anything new on this exciting blog!!! 🙂

Also, if you want to find me on club penguin, my username is kathywhy , and I am ALWAYS on the sever “Alaska

Ok, so bye!! 🙂

Rockhopper Tracker!

Rockhopper Tracker

Aunt Arctic Tracker!

Aunt Arctic Tracker

Gary The Scientist Tracker!

Gary Tracker

Penguin Band Tracker!

Penguin Band Tracker